Engineering and Management

At SIGESINT we develop integrated projects in engeneering and system management fields. 

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients offering the best solutions in accordance with the commissioning technical and economic targets. 

We put commitment and focus on every project: private individuals, companies, small local businesses or multinational companies, our task is to guarantee a high level of service. 

We satisfy the needs related to engeneering combining a traditional and a technological approach. SIGESINT can rely  on a well grounded network of professionals and technicians with proven experience so that we  can provide a high quality service in every single field: the company employs a synergistic approach to deliver the best result to the client 

Our team handles every stage of the project: preliminary analysis, planning and implementation, moreover we are often asked to manage issues related to the compliance of critical technological systems to legislation and to industry’s best practice standards (even security related issues).

Some of our clients

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